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What are Fluorescent Light Fixtures?

6 Feb

Before you get all excited about fluorescent light fixture covers, it is important that you know what light fixtures are first. This way you will understand how they work and what you can do about it in case you have fluorescent light fixtures at home.

A fluorescent light fixture is a lighting system used in many homes and industrial set ups like tunnels, building entrances, hallways, utility rooms and other locations. These fixtures are usually clear in color but there are also those that come in color to help illuminate or mark critical locations or processes. Because of the light they emit, it is important that they are covered properly. Compared to decorative light covers, the light covers of lighting fixtures are much flexible to use. This is because this lighting works through the gas discharged within the tubes of the bulbs. A small amount of mercury is then used to activate the electrical currents. When these electrical currents are activated, the UV light causes the phosphor to illuminate the bulb. That is why proper cover is needed for these types of lights as they emit harsh lights. These fluorescent light fixtures have many uses. You can use them in walls, strips, mounted surfaces and large overheads used in many places like cafeterias or gyms. Some are used in kitchens, garages and other places that need good illumination. Now that you know what lighting fixtures are, it will be easy for your to pick the right cover that you need.